Men’s Style Guide: How To Mix Patterns

May 21, 2024

5 Min

In the world of men’s apparel, mastering the art of matching patterns can take your style to a new level. Whether you’re aiming for formal or casual, understanding how to coordinate different patterns can elevate your outfit. Here is how to navigate pattern matching like a pro.


Before we start mixing and matching, let’s take a look at some common patterns you may see at a men’s store, and break them down into categories:

Checks or plaids
Repeat prints (dots, paisley, houndstooth, etc)

Each pattern brings its own character to an outfit, so it’s essential to know how to combine them effectively. It is usually better to match different patterns, but if you want “stripes on stripes” or “checks on checks,” make sure you find variety in size and color.

Size and Boldness

Incorporating contrast can add visual interest to your outfit. This can be achieved by combining different patterns of different sizes, like pairing a large plaid blazer with a mini polka dot tie. The patterns should also be different levels of “boldness.” To avoid overwhelming your outfit, limit the number of dominant patterns to one. Choose one standout piece, such as a boldly patterned blazer or statement tie, and keep the remaining pieces more subdued. This allows the focal pattern to shine without competing with other elements.


Pay attention to the colors within each pattern and how they interact with one another. Opt for patterns that share similar or complementary color palettes to ensure cohesion in your outfit. Additionally, consider incorporating a neutral piece, such as a solid-colored shirt or pants, to prevent it from becoming too busy. Tone-on-tone styling involves combining patterns in the same color family for a sophisticated look. For example, pair a light blue striped shirt with a solid navy blue knit or blazer.


Don’t overlook the role of texture in pattern matching. Mixing textures, such as pairing a knit sweater with a patterned shirt, adds dimension to your outfit. Experiment with different fabric textures to create a visually interesting combination. For instance, pair a woven shirt with denim or suede for a balanced pairing.


Use Accessories to express your personality through your outfit while tying the look together. You can coordinate pocket squares, socks, and belts with the colors and patterns present in your clothing.  Choose textured accessories such as leather belts, suede shoes, or woven bracelets to add depth to your look. Ultimately, the most important aspect of pulling off pattern matching is confidence. Wear your ensemble with confidence, and embrace the unique combination of patterns you’ve created.

Men’s Clothier in Alabama

Mastering the art of matching patterns in men’s clothing requires a keen eye for detail and a willingness to experiment. By following these guidelines and incorporating your personal flair, you can create stylish outfits that command attention and leave a lasting impression. Need some personalized recommendations? Visit The Locker Room in Auburn or Montgomery, AL. Our knowledgeable stylists are here to answer any questions you have about pattern matching in your wardrobe. Click one of the options below to contact us, or visit us in-store to explore our collection today.