Your Guide to Finding the Right Dress Pants for Summer

May 16, 2024

10 Minutes

There’s nothing better than the weather heating up after a long winter and feeling the warm sun against your skin. However, for those who value their style, seasonal changes call for wardrobe adjustments, especially when it comes to dress pants for summer. Want to know why? Let’s break it down.

Getting the Right Dress Pants for Summer Matters! Here’s Why.

Designers make dress pants in various fabrics, each offering a distinct feel for the wearer. There isn’t one material that’s inherently better than others, but some are more suitable for the summertime. Lightweight, natural fabrics, like linen or cotton, are preferred when the temperature rises.

These fabrics are easy to wash, breathable, and absorbent. They also wick away moisture, keeping your body cool. These qualities make wearing cotton and linen comfortable in hot, humid weather. Plus, they are an eco-friendly option that is unlikely to cause skin irritations.

Other natural materials, like wool and tweed, are also great options for dress pants, but they are not ideal during the summer. They tend to retain heat, making you more prone to sweating throughout the day, and deep cleaning them too frequently could shorten the pants’ lifespan.

The Lighter the Weight, the Better

Regardless of the type of fabric, every pair of dress pants has a different level of thickness. While opting for materials like cotton or linen is a good start, we recommend taking it a step further. Try finding a pair that feels as lightweight as possible, preferably with open weaves.

While thicker pants are perfect for winter, the heavier the material, the more heat it traps. Alternatively, the lighter the weight, the more cool you’ll feel in hot temperatures. Breathable dress pants are also likely to dry quicker if you sweat, making them ideal when transitioning from outdoors to indoors frequently.

Go for Lighter Colors

Style matters just as much as comfort when finding summer dress pants! Lighter colors are an excellent choice for the season and complement the bright weather perfectly. Light neutrals, including white, gray, and tan, are fantastic options. We also encourage you to try something bolder, like a lighter shade of blue, if you want to stand out favorably.

However, there’s nothing wrong with investing in a few darker pairs for the summertime, too. In fact, dark colors tend to conceal sweat more effectively. If you’re attending an outdoor event or plan on spending a lot of time outside during the day, a pair of black summer dress pants can help you avoid unsightly moisture.

Versatile Styles are a Great Option

Men traditionally wear dress pants where smart casual or business casual attire is appropriate, such as in an office setting. However, many men nowadays wear them in casual settings, too. Choosing versatile styles during the summer is an excellent idea, allowing you to wear them to work and easily transition to a fun evening out.

Chinos, straight-leg pants, and flat-front pants all create a modern look that you can dress up or down. Neutral colors are also ideal since they give you optimal versatility when choosing your top, shoes, and jacket. TLR Clothiers in Montgomery and Auburn has a vast selection available, and our team can help you find a pair that looks great in countless situations.

How Much Does Brand Matter?

It’s undeniable that various designers create wonderful pants, but some brands are more trustworthy than others. Opting for a high-end brand, such as Ballin, Jack Victor or Canali, guarantees you invest in a superior pair of summer dress pants.

These brands are renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship, which keeps you comfortable throughout the summer and will help your pants look great for several seasons. Additionally, purchasing these brands from a reputable supplier is paramount! This ensures you get an authentic product instead of a counterfeit one.

Find Dress Pants for Summer at TLR Clothiers

If you want to add a few new pairs of summer dress pants to your wardrobe, TLR Clothiers in Montgomery and Auburn is the perfect place to start. We carry the best brands in the industry, and our expert team is always happy to assist you. Click the button below to learn more about the dress pants, and visit us soon to start shopping!